Fall forward


Spent the entire weekend doing work around the new house: Putting up shelving in our garage, cleaning the garage, cutting the lawn, raking pine needles and leaves, planting grass seed, fertilizing, buying and installing smoke alarms. Plus just general stuff that warrants no real mention like playing with my son, which has nothing to do with fall per se, but which changes with the cooler weather. Playgrounds and parks, a staple of our summer activity, are soon to vanish from our destination choices, and our options tend to move indoors.

When the snow starts flying, we’re hoping to take him to the vast museums Chicagoland has to offer, as well as perhaps treat him to his first movie in a theater. This could prove to be tricky, however. Unlike his father, he’s unable to sit still for 60-120 minutes at a time to watch anything that even remotely has a plot. If it’s not Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explor-ah, or Kipper, he won’t stand for it. Kinda frustrates his father when he can’t watch kid-friendly flicks like The Incredibles, Wallace and Grommit or The Jungle Book (now on DVD). No offense to you Blue, Dora or Kipper, but I’m sick to death of the sight of you.

We also put up my son’s new toddler bed, which he spent much of the day Sunday “trying out”. Not napping in, but sitting in, laying on, standing on, throwing blankets off, etc. The good news is that Night One in the new bed was like a dream. He was so tired from trying it out that he fell right asleep at bedtime and slept peacefully until 6:15 this morning – his normal weekday rising time.

As the seasons shift, so do we.


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