Well, thank goodness that’s over.

Kinda depresses me overall to see how much money went into the hotly-contested 6th district campaigns, which resulted in the constituents being bombarded with direct mail, negative TV ads and phone call — my God, the phone calls. Both the Duckworth and Roskam camps were calling us nightly for a stretch there, and we seriously contemplated unplugging the phones. Most of them were the pre-recorded kind, but occasionally I got a live person. I finally lambasted one of them — a Duckworth supporter — and told him to please stop calling. He responded by telling me to also call the Republican side and ask to be withdrawn from their calling list as well.

I actually voted for the losers in the two big races this time around.  Enjoy your wins, Rod and Peter, but know that your wins are by no means a mandate from the people. Also, because I am secretly a 7-yr-old, I must point out that both of your names are slang terms for a man’s genitalia.

Also, I’m pretty excited to see Illinois Democrats getting some national recognition. I think it’s pretty much a shoe-in for Barack Obama to run for President in 2008, and Rahm Emmanuel scored major points by leading the charge for the Democratic shift in both houses. Last night was a bit like a party atmosphere for the left, which I last remember in 1992 when Clinton won the White House. Iraq remains the biggest issue, and if this administration can’t see a way out — there will be trouble for the GOP continuing into 2008.


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