Election news

I love the hacker that busted into the DuPage County elections site.

The hacker, or hackers, added lines of text to a list of qualifications for voter registration, which include U.S. citizenship, residence for at least 30 days in a particular election precinct, and a minimum age of 18.

On Thursday morning a hacker added the line ‘You may not be a homosexual’ to that list. A citizen who noticed the line informed election officials who quickly removed the line and took steps that they thought would prevent further unauthorized access, Saar said.

However, late Thursday or early Friday a hacker added a new line to the list of qualifications. It said, ‘Your grandfather must have voted.’

‘Grandfather laws’ were passed in southern states after the Civil War to prevent blacks from voting. Freed slaves technically had the right to vote, but grandfather laws stated that persons were only eligible to vote if their grandfathers had been eligible, and at that time virtually all blacks’ grandfathers had been ineligible to vote because they were slaves.

What you need to know is that DuPage County, my home, is one of the richest Republican strongholds in the state, if not the country. It’s also extremely whitebread and these particular attacks hit home. In other words, DuPage County residents want to live near Chicago, but not near blacks and homosexuals. That’s why property tax rates and housing prices are among the highest in the area.

So, while it’s illegal and juvenile to hack a government site, if I’m reading it correctly, the message being sent is humorous and edgy and almost assuredly not being done by a resident of DuPage County.


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