Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos

Once in a Lifetime

(2006, Dirs. Paul Crowder, John Dower)

The story of the first soccer boom in America. Personally, it was profound for me to relive what was so great and influential about Pele and the Cosmos the first time around — which ended up inspiring an entire American generation to take up a sport they’d never before seen, and come to love it the way the rest of the world does. And the story is inherently an American one, from the mind of a fanatical mogul with a big idea, to the outrageous salaries, to the rape of the world’s top players, to the greed and backbiting of players and management. A tip of the hat to the studio to release this flick shortly after a very engaging World Cup.



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  1. Man, I’m gonna feel so bad when I burn this DVD.

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