Superman Returns

Superman Returns


(2006, Dir. Bryan Singer)

I’m not a comic-book fanboy, so I approached this film merely out of curiosity. I’d been seeing mostly positive reviews everywhere, and was familiar with the original films starring Christopher Reeve. I knew Singer was highly touted for his action-packed X-Men movies, and the overrated Usual Suspects. However, I was surprised to experience boredom during what should have been an end-to-end action fest. The writing is thin, the characters are dull, and the movie is at least 30 minutes too long. And I get the Christian angle, delegates of SingerCo., but it’s laid on ten times too thick. On the positive side, I didn’t mind newcomer Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel, even though he wasn’t given anything particularly interesting to do or say, and Kevin Spacey only annoyed me a little, mostly because he wasn’t given anything particularly interesting to do or say. There are some fairly cool action sequences though, especially one where Superman tries to prevent an airplane from plummeting to earth.

As far as the health of the Superman franchise goes, this one needs some help – better story, more memorable villians and a new director to helm the ship.



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  1. I agree completely. Way too long and surprisingly boring. Kevin Spacey wasn’t given much to do, either. They shoulda given him a chance to chew that scenery.

    I didn’t really like Routh as Supes/Clark Kent, though. He wasn’t bad, but I think Brendan Fraser would have been a better choice. He could have done that clumsy Clark schtick with his eyes closed. And he would have looked more superheroic in the suit in my opinion.

    As for a a new director or a better story, we all know that’s not gonna happen. Singer’s not going anywhere (as far as I know) and I’m sure screenwriter Dan Harris will be with him for the sequel (sorry, Amy; at least I liked your cousin’s “X2” script).

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